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Sample start-up shopping list


Meat : (organic and grass-fed ideal)

            Beef, ground (85% lean or better, preferably 93%)

            Chicken (boneless and skinless)

            Turkey (boneless and skinless)

             Fish ( all should be wild caught, should say on the package)

             Lowest in mercury include:

                           Catfish, salmon (Wild Pacific), Shrimp, King Crab, Scallops, Tilapia,

                            Cod, and Sardines; can have some farmed Trout also

Eggs:  Omega - 3 eggs


Dairy:  Butter, NOT margarine or anything else

           Cream, heavy and organic

            Yogurt, plain and organic

Spices, Herbs, Condiments:

              Apple cider vinegar          Chives          Cinnamon          Dill

              Celtic sea salt                   Garlic            Tumeric            Ginger

              Ground, milled pepper       Coconut (unsweetened and grated)      Mint

               Parsley                             Thyme           Mustard powder    Cayenne Pepper

               Etc, etc.- All spices are execellent!!!


Vegetables: (organic ideal)

               Asparagus           Bruessel Sprouts        Kale               Kohlrabi

               Mixed Greens     Cauliflower                Onions           Green, Red Peppers

               Spinach               Sprouts                      Cucumbers      Scallions 

                Zucchini              Broccoli

Fruit: (organic ideal)

               Avocado             Tomato                Cranberries              Blueberries             Strawberries

               Apples                Orange                 Grapes                     Pineapple                Kiwi Fruit

               Pear                    Cherries

Nuts, Seeds, Oils: 

               Olive Oil (Extra virgin)

                Coconut Oil

                Flaxseed (ground or whole)

                Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Cashews, Pistachio, Brazil, Hazelnuts, Macadamia (RAW)

                                                                                                                Copyright Brad K. Freitag, D.C. 2007            

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